Hello and Welcome to 2016 and an even bigger Welcome to this, my new blog detailing my discoveries on the Rogers line of my family tree.

I am still yet to discover when and how my second Great Grandparents Francis Rogers (1856-1931) and Annie Marie Roulent (1857-1933) arrived in Australia.

I know that they were married on the 27 January 1882 in Melbourne, Victoria[1] and that on the birth certificate of their son, Thomas Charles (1882-1952) it was stated that he was 26 years old and born in Derry, Ireland. Annie was said to be 25 years old and born in Clare, Ireland.[2]

Although my details are sketchy, I nevertheless thought it was time to begin sharing the information I have so far about this branch of the Rogers family in Australia with the hope of finding other cousins in Australia and worldwide.

[1] Australia, Marriage Index, 1788-1950, Ancestry.com, Ancestry.com Operations Inc., 2009, Provo, UT, USA (accessed 28 December 2015)
[2] Birth Certificate, Public Records Office Victoria, Birth Certificate No. 1882/23836
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